​​​​​​ MIA KYLIE​​


About Mia Kylie


My name is Mia Kylie Ditta and I am a 16 year old singer/songwriter. My dream is to make a lasting impact on the world through my music. This amazing journey started in a small town right outside of New Orleans. I would sing and dance around to karaoke with my family in my pull-up diapers when I was just about two years old. I could barely even make out the words, but I made it a point to hit all the "money notes" at the end of the songs! From there, my journey grew. I took part in musical theater for about 5 years before the video of me singing in a Southwest Flight went viral!

After the blessing of the viral video, I received so many amazing opportunities like being interviewed on news and radio stations and performing more National Anthems and shows! I began writing and recording my own music at 10 years old and started a band when I was 12. My band and I have been blessed to play so many amazing shows! In July of 2017, we were hired to headline the Coca-Cola Festival at Six Flags in Arlington, Texas. I was also invited to perform in Disneyland, LA in the beginning of August 2017!  On July 14, 2018, I got to fulfill a life long dream of playing the Whiskey A Go Go and recording a new song while in LA. I am currently working hard in and out of the studio to learn as much as I can, write as much music as I can, and share my music with the world as much as I can! I actually taught myself guitar, ukulele, and piano- "the fire inside of me grows every second!" So many dreams are coming true!!! I know with hard work, dedication, dreams, and God - I CAN REACH THE STARS AND BEYOND!!! My heart beats with the music. Thank you all for the love and support, I love you guys so much!! :) 

​Mia Kylie