Listed below are a few news stories that I can share from our great local New Orleans Media Market.  A Special thanks goes out to Mrs. Nancy Parker (Fox 8), Mrs. Karen Swenson (WWL-TV), Mrs. Sally Ann Roberts (WWL-TV), Mrs. Meg Farris (WWL-TV) and all the other media personal who have covered me and my stories throughout the last few years. I have many more stories to share as we are just waiting for the right time. I look forward to sharing them with you all when the time is right: ) I can't wait to be able to give back to my community! I love you all! Always a New Orleans girl! Mia Kylie

Mrs. Angela Hill

Coming Soon!

​​​​​​ MIA KYLIE​​

  Dreams Coming True!   News Stories:

Mrs. Sally Ann and Mrs. Karen at WWL-TV

Mrs. Nancy Parker FOX 8

New Orleans own Spud